CG, Southern California

I have completed six weeks of Sitoya Mansell's “Happily Ever After Nutrition” program in this short period of time I have lost 14 pounds. Let me start by saying I am a die-hard foodie and I love all things sweet! I thought I could never break my old bad habits, but she showed me just how effective making small changes can lead to huge results each week. The program is very cutting-edge by utilizing user-friendly apps to document and receive awesome information, that I can instantly use to incorporate into my daily life. As a busy mom of five boys and a husband, having access to the meal planning program made shopping preparing and planning meals so convenient. It helped me save time, money and cut out all my excuses of not having time to eat healthy. Sitoya is extremely patient and took lots of time learning all of my health concerns and quirky needs. She pays attention to the small details, which reflected in how she designed a program that was perfect and tailor-made for me! She is also down to earth, but is a master at her craft. Thank you so much Sitoya, for the time and care you put into making sure that I understood the importance of healthy eating. You have provided a road-map on how to accomplish my goals, eliminate my barriers and create lasting action plans that will provide results and ultimately, lead to my success! Sitoya this is your true calling. I recommend this program for anyone who feels they have tried everything and is ready to do anything for real change!

CJ, Southern California

I have been working with Sitoya and her Happily Ever After Nutrition program for six weeks and I can truly say that "it works"!!!! First let me say that I LOVE the Healthie website and app. Not only is it easy to use on a computer for our weekly face to face sessions but the phone app gives you even more convenient because you can access it from anywhere. This program is not like your regular diet programs where you are on a strict diet and have to restrict yourself. Sitoya's program is exactly what it says a nutrition program that focuses not just on losing weight but improving your overall nutrition by making lifestyle changes that are sustainable. We discussed topics like meal prepping, managing your stress techniques, mindful eating and we set realistic and achievable goals. I have lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks, that may not seem like a lot but I have more energy and I feel great. Thanks, Sitoya for creating such a wonderful program for regular people like myself.

JC, Southern California

Starting the program with Sitoya I thought that starving myself and dieting was the only way to lose weight. Sitoya taught me that diets don’t work. Making healthy lifestyle changes that are manageable are what work. She has taught me to make small goals and stick with them and hold myself accountable. Being mindful of my daily calories, water intake, and being more active. Using the Healthie mobile App to track my goals and weight. Having access to all the helpful documents she uploads that helped get me through the week. Our weekly video phone check-ins via the App. Following the 6-week program I see myself being much more mindful of what I eat as well as my kids. Being a busy working mother of two even if I have to eat out, I’ve learned how to make healthier options. Sitoya has also provided me with tips on how to meal prep and easy recipes that I will continue to use. I’ve lost 5 pounds and feel great. I have more energy and can’t wait to see where I’m at by the end of this year. Thank you Sitoya for being so supportive and walking me through this journey of living a healthier lifestyle!

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