Do you want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start? Trying to lose weight but don’t know how? Have you been diagnosed with a health condition and need nutrition guidance? 

Our virtual nutrition coaching is designed to provide nutrition counseling to clients without coming into an office setting. Meet with your provider in the comfort of your own home using HIPPA compliant video technology. 

We offer individualized and personalized nutrition coaching that can help you accomplish your wellness goals. 

Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation

Need nutrition advice but don’t know where to start? Book a free 15-minute phone consultation to find out how Happily Ever After Nutrition can help you accomplish your nutrition, weight loss, or health goals. We will discuss services that fit your needs and prepare you for your next move!

Price: Free

Nutrition Coaching Packages

Need an individualized and personalized nutrition plan that will help you accomplish your weight loss, health, or nutrition goals? Access our member portal where you can log photos of your food to track your food intake, keep track of your weight, schedule appointments, message your registered dietitian, and video-chat from your desktop or the phone app. Check out our nutrition packages here!

What do I get in the free 15-minute Free Consultation? 

The 15-minute free consultation is not a learning session. This appointment is to allow your registered dietitian to answer questions about what service is right for you. 

During the 15-minute free consultation, we will discuss services that fit your needs. The provider will answer questions regarding types of services and prices of each service. 

What is an Initial Appointment?

The initial appointment is not a learning session. This appointment is to allow your registered dietitian to gain a better understating of your current situation and goals.

During the 75-minute initial appointment, we will discuss all aspects of your lifestyle that contribute your overall health. This includes your day-day diet, as well as your social and medical history and parts of your life that impact your diet. The majority of the session is dedicated to your provider gathering the information needed to fully comprehend your current dietary issues; establish why they exist and how they can effectively work with you to resolve them.

What is a Recommendations Appointment? 

Following your Initial appointment, you will have the recommendations appointment. During the recommendations appointment we will review all recommendations that were made based off of your initial appointment. These recommendations will be the foundation for the goals that you create during the program. We will also schedule your follow-up appointment/s and you will receive a copy of these recommendations following your appointment.

What is included in a Follow-up Session?

Following your recommendations appointment, you will have your follow-up appointment. During the follow-up appointments we review your progress over time since our last appointment including areas of where you are struggling and barriers you might encounter. We address your questions and any issues you are struggling with and discuss ways to prevent future issues from reoccurring such as alternative ways that we can fix the issue, determine a strategy plan, and assist you in identifying on your own what actions you can take that will not be the same in the future. Together we will develop a personalized eating plan that is realistic and that gives your body what it needs. Follow-up appointments include creating goals that you as the client feel are important to you. Follow-up appointments are scheduled either every week or every other week depending on your nutrition counseling package.